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“The Pool Fence helped me a lot in preventing the kids of entering / leaving the pool area without attendance” - Tariq Al Gurg
We are very happy with our new pool fence, which we feel is very safe, with its self closing door. Thanks a lot.” - Michaela Muller
An excellent, proven product supplied and fitted by courteous, reliable and knowledgeable professionals." - Jeremy Lester
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Swimming Pool Safety Nets

Swimming Pool Safety Nets have been successfully used over many years to prevent toddlers from entering the pool. A pool safety net provides a safe barrier while maximizing the available backyard space, allowing a clear view of water and preserving the ambience of the pool area. The pool safety net is custom fitted to the perimeter of the pool and can be fitted to any size, shape or design of a pool or spa. The pool net cover’s 4” squares are too small for a child’s head to penetrate through and too large to allow walking or playing on the net. Also, the pool safety net fits tight above the pool and a child can neither remove it nor get under it. However, an adult can easily remove the pool safety net using the ratchet. Some of the salient features of our swimming pool safety net which provides us edge over the competition are as follows.

  • Super Strong Material: Our pool safety net is made up of strands of virgin polyethylene with break strength of 300 pounds per strand. Our pool safety net fits tight above the pool and can support the weight of an adult. Our pool safety net is UV Stabilized and chemical resistant.
  • Light Weight: Unlike other traditional covers, our pool safety net covers are light weight. The net can be easily rolled on our portable roller and stored at a convenient location.
  • Central Tensioning System (CTS): Our pool safety net comes with the  Central Tensioning System (CTS) which is placed in the centre of the net. The CTS comprises of a series of pulleys depending upon the size of the net and helps in tightening and loosening the net.
  • Flush Brass Anchors: We drill ¾” size holes throughout the perimeter of the pool using diamond core drill bit and insert brass anchors flushed to the ground. The stainless steel clips attached to the net are inserted in the brass anchors to keep the net in place. Since our brass anchors are flushed to the ground, they doesn’t pose any obstacle even when the net is not in place.
  • Roller: Our light weight portable roller is made up of high quality pipes. The roller makes the removal of the pool safety net quick and easy. It takes few minutes to completely remove the net and roll it on the roller. Apart from helping in removing, installing and storing the net, the roller also avoids the net from getting tangled.
  • Color Options: Our net comes in two different colors: Blue and Black. The related accessories like ratchet assembly and the cords also come in matching colors.
  • Warranty: We offer a 2 years warranty on our pool safety net (Natural Calamities and physical abuse excluded).